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Traveler Tips:


Use a photocopy of your passport instead of always carrying the original document.

Label each piece of luggage inside and out (name, address, and telephone number). Use covered luggage tags. Use your office address instead of your home address.

Beware of ghost and fraudulent web booking sites. If the website does not publish local phone numbers, email addresses or other contact information, do not use them. Do a web search of the booking site for reviews contact them directly (lodge, hotel, rental, tour or airline). There are tons of feedbacks and comments from tourists and hotels warning of possible fraud. Try tripadvisor, google or any other site you trust to search for fraud comments.

Traffic in Costa Rica is dangerous, so be careful. Pedestrians in general do not have the right of way. Roads in rural areas tend to have many potholes. Driving at night is not recommended.

The best way to change money is at the bank.

Please make an effort to have minimal negative impact on the natural and human environment and to conserve natural resources both during your stay in Costa Rica and when you return home.


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