Energy Saving: The external lighting system is minimal so there is less energy consumption and the native nocturnal animals are not affected. We take advantage of the sunlight to line-dry the sheets, tablescloths, towels, etc. In addition we disconnect all equipment from bar and restaurant when they are not being required.

Low impact: We have a water treatment plant for our wastewater. All the cleaning products and the shampoo and soaps are biodegradable. Our gardens are made up of native plants.

Less waste and garbage: Whenever possible, we buy products in large, reusable and/or recyclable packages. We sort the garbage and recycle it via Coopecopra, a local recycling cooperative. We don't buy one-time use or disposable utensils.



We promote local history education in our tours to the Eco Museum and in our private collection of tools used during the mining age. We give financial support to the Music School and to the Folklore Dance Group.



All the staff are local and receive continuing education by National Learning Institute. In addition, we create working spaces for trainees from I.N.A, U.T.N. and public universities. We also support the Local Development Association and the Local Tourist Guides Association.



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